Stop Termites In Their Tracks

Arrange for termite control services in Charleston, SC

Termites are one of the most annoying pests to find in your home. And they thrive in the warm, humid Charleston, SC climate. Make sure you protect your home with termite control services from Anchor Pest Management.

We're certified with Termidor HE and can install a powerful barrier around your home that will help keep termites away for years. By preventing an infestation, you can protect your wood support beams and prevent structural damage to your home. Find out more about termite control when you call us at 843-906-9457.

We'll let you know what to expect

Not sure if you need a termite barrier? We'll give you a free termite inspection. The process is simple:

  • Our termite expert will inspect your house to see if termites are present or if conditions are right for an infestation
  • You'll receive a full report of our findings, explaining the risk of an infestation and providing recommendations to help protect your home
  • You can schedule a termite treatment if you have an infestation or call us to install a Termidor HE barrier to give your house an extra level of protection

Schedule a free termite inspection by contacting us now.