Wildlife Control: The Unwanted Pets

Wildlife rodents are one of the most common household problems in the pest control industry. Most every homeowner has had a problem with them at some point and they are not always easily removed. What makes this scary is that wildlife rodents sometimes carry diseases.

When it comes to wildlife control in Charleston, consistency is a must. Most of our customers receive monthly if not weekly service calls, so that we can stay on top of them. The other factor in controlling and preventing a rodent infestation is to make an exterior inspection and if needed properly exclude/seal any possible areas of entry. After successful exclusion of all entry points, an exterior baiting program will be implemented. This baiting program allows your technician to monitor any activity and in case of a possible reoccurrence take immediate action.

Anchor Pest Management LLC’s Wildlife Rodent Control Service Plan Includes:

  • Exterior/Interior inspection of all possible entry points
  • Exclusion of all visible problem areas
  • Trapping, monitoring and removal of rodents
  • Baiting of exterior perimeter

What a pleasure to do business with Karl Kuester! It’s not just about the “bugs.” It’s about service, integrity and value. I highly recommend Anchor Pest Management for all of your residential or commercial pest control, you will have a real expert on your side.

- Robin Giangrande

Anchor Pest Management

Anchor Pest Management