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Charleston, SC Pest Control Services

Anchor Pest Management LLC’s residential pest control program in Charleston is tailored to the individual need homeowners have. We also serve James Island and other surrounding areas. Some homeowners may have more severe problems than others and therefore require a more sophisticated treatment program. That does not mean more chemical or stronger chemicals; instead a more targeted application is necessary with frequent follow ups or monitoring. Baiting is often the most widely used strategy and usually also the most successful method of eliminating and controlling a problem.

High Standards and Safety

At Anchor Pest Management LLC we strongly believe in IPM – Integrated Pest Management, meaning we use safety and common sense in all our treatment programs and utilize inspections and physical removal of pests first before resulting in chemical treatments. We hold our work to very high standards. The important thing to know is that every home has different factors contributing to a current or potential bug problem.

As long as you have a pest control program in place and put into action the recommendations we make that can greatly assist with what we are doing, you will enjoy a bug-free environment. Remember – Pest Control is a TEAM effort, no one chemical will control and repel all insects! Stay tuned for our upcoming Seasonal Pest Control Plan! – Ask for details.

Anchor Pest Management LLC’s exterior pest control program in Charleston consists of the following treatments:


  • Spray around tree bases
  • Spray and baiting of bushes and mulch around your home
  • Inspections of play sets, sheds and doghouses
  • Inspections of cracks along sidewalks and entrances – often times ants will be found in these areas!
  • Cob web and wasp nest removal around the front and back porches of your home, windows, doors and gutters.
  • Barrier spray around foundation of your home 3ft up and 3ft out.
  • Yard treatments for the prevention of fire ants around your yard. This is a special service; ask for details.
  • We will also perform a light spray around the outer perimeter of your property for dual protection! Two barriers is always better than one!


  • Targeted insecticide applications around entry points, appliances, fireplaces and laundry rooms
  • Baiting of all plumbing penetrations
  • Crack and crevice treatments

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I just bought a house and used Karl for my pest control needs. Karl is a professional with high integrity. He knows his business and is very reasonably priced I would highly recommend Karl for all your pest control needs.

- Bob Bascom

Anchor Pest Management

Anchor Pest Management